Easy Paloma Pitcher Recipe for Refreshing Moments


If you’re looking for a refreshing drink that’s super simple to make and absolutely delicious, the Paloma pitcher recipe is your best bet. Even if you’re just 15, you’ll find this guide a breeze to follow. So, let’s get mixing!

Recipe Details

The Paloma is a popular Mexican cocktail that combines grapefruit, lime, and tequila. It’s served chilled and is perfect for any occasion. We’ll be making a pitcher version, so there’s enough to share!


  • Tequila: 1 ½ cups (use any brand you like)
  • Grapefruit juice: 3 cups (fresh is best, but store-bought works too)
  • Lime juice: ½ cup (again, fresh is preferred)
  • Simple syrup: ¼ cup (to sweeten things up)
  • Club soda: 2 cups (for that fizzy finish)
  • Ice cubes: Enough to fill the pitcher
  • Salt: Just a pinch (for the rim of the glasses)
  • Grapefruit slices: A few (for garnish)

Preparation Steps

  1. Mix the liquids: In a large pitcher, combine the tequila, grapefruit juice, lime juice, and simple syrup. Stir well.
  2. Add fizz: Pour in the club soda and give it a gentle stir to mix everything together.
  3. Ice it up: Fill the pitcher with ice cubes to keep the drink cool.
  4. Serve: If you like, you can salt the rims of your glasses for an extra flavor kick. Just pour some salt on a plate, wet the rim of the glass with a lime wedge, and dip it in the salt. Then, pour the Paloma into the glasses, add a slice of grapefruit for garnish, and enjoy!

Recipe Tips and Variations

  • If you want it sweeter, add more simple syrup. For a tart twist, squeeze in more lime juice.
  • No club soda? Sparkling water works as a great substitute.
  • Try adding a splash of other citrus juices like orange or lemon for a different flavor.

Serving Suggestions

The Paloma pitcher is perfect for parties or a chill day at home. Serve it with salty snacks like chips and salsa or with a light summer salad to balance the flavors.

Nutritional Information

This Paloma pitcher recipe is pretty light but remember, it does contain alcohol and sugar. One serving typically has about 150-200 calories, depending on how much simple syrup and tequila you use. It’s a good source of vitamin C, thanks to the grapefruit and lime juice, but remember to enjoy responsibly!