Easy Tallow Face Cream Recipe for Healthy Skin


Ever thought about making your own face cream? Well, here’s your chance! We’re talking about a tallow face cream recipe that’s super easy to follow. This cream is all about keeping your skin soft, smooth, and moisturized. And the best part? It’s made with ingredients you can actually pronounce and likely have in your kitchen. So, let’s get into it and start mixing up some skin-loving goodness!

Recipe Details

This tallow face cream recipe is not only straightforward but also pretty quick to whip up. The end result is a rich, moisturizing cream that’s perfect for nourishing your skin, especially during those dry months.


  • 1/2 cup tallow (be sure it’s grass-fed for the best quality)
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil (this helps make the cream smooth)
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil (for extra moisture)
  • Optional: A few drops of your favorite essential oil for scent (like lavender or rose)

Preparation Steps

  1. Melt the Tallow and Coconut Oil: Start by gently melting the tallow and coconut oil together. You can do this in a double boiler or carefully in the microwave. Just make sure not to overheat it; melting is all we’re after.
  2. Add Olive Oil: Once melted, remove from the heat and stir in the olive oil.
  3. Cool Down: Let the mixture cool a bit. If you’re using essential oils, now’s the time to add a few drops.
  4. Whip It: Once it’s semi-solid, whip it up using a hand mixer until it’s fluffy and creamy.
  5. Store It: Scoop your cream into a clean jar. It’s ready to use!

Recipe Tips and Variations

  • For a vegan version, swap tallow with shea butter. It won’t be the same, but it’s still pretty good.
  • If you have oily skin, reduce the coconut oil a bit and add more tallow or olive oil.
  • Feel free to play with essential oils for different scents or skin benefits. Just remember, a little goes a long way!

Serving Suggestions

Use your tallow face cream in the morning or night after cleansing your face. A small dab goes a long way, so start with a little and see how your skin feels.

Nutritional Information

Tallow is loaded with vitamins A, D, E, and K, which are great for skin health. It helps maintain the skin’s natural moisture without clogging pores. Coconut and olive oils bring in antioxidants and additional moisturizing benefits, making this cream a nutrient-packed treat for your skin.