salted egg fried chicken wings recipe

Salted Egg Yolk Wings : Recipe

Savor the tantalizing blend of crispy chicken wings enveloped in the luxurious essence of salted egg yolk. This dish strikes a perfect balance between the savory punch of the egg yolk sauce and the tender juiciness of the wings. Experience a burst of flavors as the fragrant curry leaves and aromatic spices tantalize your palate. The creamy consistency of the sauce coats each wing, creating a harmonious symphony of tastes. Immerse yourself in this culinary masterpiece and embark on a journey of culinary delight that will elevate your dining experience. Uncover the secrets of achieving the perfect fusion of textures and flavors.

Key Takeaways

  • Fusion of salted egg yolk richness with crispy chicken wings.
  • Perfect balance of savory and slightly sweet notes in the sauce.
  • Master frying techniques for crispy wing texture.
  • Creamy salted egg yolk sauce made with butter and spices.
  • Season wings properly before coating with delectable sauce.


Introducing a mouthwatering fusion of Asian flavors, the salted egg yolk wings recipe on Kwokspots website promises to take your wing night to a whole new level. This flavor fusion brings together the rich, creamy taste of salted egg yolk with the crispy texture of perfectly fried chicken wings. The cooking inspiration behind this recipe stems from the author’s innovative adaptation of the traditional salted egg yolk fried shrimp technique to create a delectable dish that’s sure to dazzle your taste buds.

As you explore this recipe, you’ll uncover a world of culinary creativity that combines the bold flavors of salted duck egg yolks, fragrant curry leaves, and aromatic spices to create a sauce that perfectly complements the crispy chicken wings. The balance of savory and slightly sweet notes in the sauce is what sets this dish apart and makes it a standout option for your next gathering. Get ready to embark on a culinary adventure that will leave you yearning for more of these irresistible salted egg yolk wings.

Key Steps and Ingredients for Salted Egg Yolk Wings

Making Salted Egg Yolk Wings

Perfecting Crispy Chicken Wings:

  • Start by frying chicken wings until they’re super crispy outside and juicy inside.
  • Keep the oil at the right temperature for even cooking and crunchiness.

Creating the Salted Egg Yolk Sauce:

  • The main attraction is the rich and creamy salted egg yolk sauce.
  • Made from salted duck egg yolks, butter, curry leaves, and spices.
  • Cook the sauce just right for a luxurious texture that sticks to the wings.

Getting the Flavors Right:

  • Season the chicken wings and sauce perfectly for a tasty balance.
  • Make sure they’re savory, salty, and aromatic with every bite.

Mastering Cooking Techniques:

  • Learn how to fry wings and make the sauce to make them irresistible.
  • Practice makes perfect for the best Salted Egg Yolk Wings ever!

Recipe for Salted Egg Yolk Wings

For crafting the delectable Salted Egg Yolk Wings, you must adhere meticulously to the precise steps and ingredients outlined in the recipe. This flavorful appetizer combines the richness of salted egg yolk with the crispy texture of chicken wings, creating a unique fusion that will surely impress your taste buds.

Here are some essential points to keep in mind when preparing this dish:

  • Make sure the chicken wings are properly seasoned before frying to enhance their taste.
  • Cook the salted egg yolk sauce until it reaches a creamy consistency for best flavor.
  • Coat the fried chicken wings evenly with the salted egg yolk sauce to ensure every bite is delicious.
  • Pay attention to the cooking time of the chicken wings to achieve a perfectly crispy exterior.
  • Garnish with fresh curry leaves to add a fragrant touch to the dish.